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Meet The Team

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.


Tara Topel, Owner Since 2003

Tara - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • Background in Communications: Public Relations at UW-Whitewater
  • First Vehicle: 1988 ½ Ford Escort (Candy Apple Red)
  • Favorite Vehicle: 1965 Ford Shelby Cobra 427
  • Hobbies: Volleyball; Bike Riding; Scrapbooking; Spending time with Family;
  • Family: Daughter, Mallory; Son, Christian; 3 dogs: Harlow, Scout, & Ruger
  • Interesting Fact: Matt Kenseth stepped on my foot at a Race Banquet in 1994

Eric: Service Specialist/Shop Enforcer

Eric - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • 7 years Automotive Experience
  • First Vehicle: 1992 Mazda B2200
  • Favorite Vehicle: 1985 Chevy 454 Big Block (given to him by his Father-In-Law)
  • Hobbies: Destruction Races with Ball & Chain Racing; Truck Pulling
  • Skills & Certifications: ASE HD General Certification
    • Shop Enforcer/Service Advisor
    • Well-rounded in the automotive field including in-depth understanding of technology and system operations
    • Good with people
  • Eric has 2 Golden Doodles named Duramax & Teddy; Married wife Karla on 7/23/2016; Expecting first child 1/19; Coached wrestling at Lakeside Lutheran High School

Sam: Master Technician

Sam Tricker - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • Experience: 17 years in the Automotive industry with a focus on Honda and MINI
  • First Vehicle: 1981 Jeep Scrambler CJ8
  • Favorite Vehicle: 65 Shelby Cobra Fastback
  • Hobbies: Spoon Carving
  • Skills and Certifications: ASE Mastertech, Honda Master Tech, MINI Level 1 Tech, A/C Certification
  • Interesting Fun Fact: I once spent two weeks at a Buddhist Center in Etwall England.

Jake: Service Specialist 

Jake | Service Specialist  - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • Experience: Over 10 years as a customer service professional
  • First Vehicle: 1984 Ford Escort Wagon 
  • Favorite Vehicle: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 
  • Hobbies: Frisbee Golf, Bowling, Darts, Poker
  • Family: I recently purchased a house that has been in my family for over 140 years.  
  • Skills and Certifications: Microsoft A+ Certified, Continued Education Business Management and Customer Relations    
  • Interesting Fun Fact: I learned how to play poker at age eight and have been playing ever since. My goal is to one day play in the World Series of Poker

Dana: Administrative Assistant  

Philip | Shop Convenience Specialist   - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • First Vehicle: Dodge Stratus 
  • Favorite Vehicle:1950s Chevy pickup truck  
  • Hobbies: Truck pulls, drag racing, destruction races, restoration/ DIY.
  • Family: Fiancé Brandon Schmidt  
  • Interesting Fun Fact: My favorite animal is cows /li>

Bryce R.

Philip | Shop Convenience Specialist   - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • Experience: Hunting
  • First Vehicle: Dodge Dakota
  • Favorite Vehicle: Tow truck
  • Hobbies: Farming
  • Family: dad Brian, mom Nicole, sisters - Ann & Mia
  • Skills & Certifications: Interesting Fun Fact: Got his first deer and driver’s license on the first try -- his sister’s did not!!


Gabe H.

Philip | Shop Convenience Specialist   - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • Experience: Minor tinkering on my truck
  • First Vehicle: 1988 Dodge Dakota 5spd, 2wd, 4cyl
  • Favorite Vehicle: my first vehicle (above)
  • Hobbies: Working on my truck, video games, airsofting, and guitar
  • Family: mom & dad, 1 sister, and 3 brothers
  • Skills & Certifications: Can drive stick
  • Interesting Fun Fact: I can play the guitar

Jake S.

Philip | Shop Convenience Specialist   - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

  • Experience: 10+ years
  • First Vehicle: Dodge Neon
  • Favorite Vehicle:
  • Hobbies: Snowmobiling, hunting, and four-wheeling.
  • Family: Daughter, Fiance, Step-son, and 2 dogs.
  • Skills & Certifications:
  • Interesting Fun Fact:

Bios Coming Soon...

"Tow Truck Adam" Zimmermann

Philip | Shop Convenience Specialist   - Topel's Towing & Repair, Inc.

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